several years passed since that night of my run...still to that night I return...

I ran through the street known
Carried by a layer of foam...
Soft, gay, smooth as wine
For you tugged at my invisible line
Connected to you by an unseen chord
I ran across night sky broad
Lit up by the fireworks
Shooting stars sending sparks...

While on run by the lake
By which the short cut to you I did take
I saw how water lilies bloomed
On the water over which the halved moon loomed
I gathered more speed
Knowing the alley only to you me would lead
I perhaps took a deep breath in
Gathering your scent of the night clean
Into my throbbing heart, lungs smoked
Then also felt the nightly breeze how stroke
My skin gently as if your fingers on me played
I ran faster, speedier, hoping the clock running a bit delayed...

There when through your garden gate
I ran through like an arrow sharp and straight
Saw you blocking the door arms akimbo pose
On your bosom you perhaps held a bunch of red red rose...

O how I stopped braking myself to a halt
Sweat on me tears by my cheeks...all moist with liquid salt...
O how you flung your arms around me sudden
I fell with you on the grass of your soft garden...

My panting heart breathlessly me told
I had trespassed all my imagination bold
You perhaps quicker than me came
To the real situation and blushed pink with shame...

That night a few minutes later in your lone house
You set me on fire and also my fire how you doused
O what a night it was... of poetry written impromptu
O how that night we to extreme poles of earth flew...

Then came slowly the dawn tired yet so gay
You recited 'Good Morrow' for me to usher in the newest day...
The invisible chord then perhaps became visible
A connection strong, as a thick iron cable
Fastened to you me then perhaps felt too tight
Fastened to you, then felt real, whole of my tiny morbid life...

Several years passed since that night of my run
Still God knows why in my trance to that run I return...


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