Wish to let you go
How far...that I don't know...
How far can you escape
From the recordings on memory tape?
How many travels can you really take
To erase all graphical me unmake?
How can live I disjoined
From those names for me you coined?
Or those writings secretly saved
On notepad of your mind being once brave?
Or those walks down the wet street
One evening when the moon you lit...
How far can I go from those clips
Of pictures that from heart to my mind slip...
Can you me let go then?
Like a few dotted lines...
An ever returning refrain?
Can you your poems throw away
Like a pinkish start of another day?
Can you really abort
Cutting endless talks severed short?
Can you wrap all tinsel thoughts
And put them locked into a tiny iron box?
And then let it lost
Forever sunk into the dark most...
Of the silvery stream...
From where it all started...
From which dreams erupted...


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