A wintry morn, a song of Love,

A morn like this
Draped in wintry mist
And in flakes of golden dreams,
Always germinates
A song that states,
Life is all about waking up
With passion of Unbound Love,

And love I see everywhere
Love dripping I drink from the wintry air,
Love of life I find on cheeks,
Turned rosy pink by the feel
Of incoming northern breeze,
Love I find dressing the sky,
Love I feel in the wings of birds that fly,
Love I find in friendship of blue stars,
Love I find taking me to the farthest of the far,
Love I find in rhythms of life,
Love holds me up in unending flowing lines,
Love I see how crosses the morning street,
Love I find how life with broad warm smiles greet,

Love I find as the only choice
That lends music to downy feeble voice,
Love I find as the only potion
That keeps mankind in harmonious motion.


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