'Come lets sing a song of a twilight...'

'Come lets sing
A song of a twilight...
Now that you have
Got written all things of me,
In your dreams, in papers,
In the face of my poems,
Never even dared by me
To be written,
Now that you opened the doors,
Now that you have kept me floored,
Knelt, bowed,
Lets sing a song of a twilight...like a vow...
Now we together sing a song,
Now we make this life really awesome,
Just hold me on to face your face,
Just color me by your brushes that keep all things blessed,
In colors of yours so unending, so rhythmic,
Now that we have discovered our truest selves deep,
Lets sing a song of a twilight then...
Lets burn us to make us like a twilight of Heaven...'

Someone hushed in me,
And I looked around to discover She,
That She who hath compelleth poetry,
That She who hath been there before this earth was perhaps created,
That She who hath made even Zeus,
But perhaps remained unmentioned, all through,
That She upon which replicas were made of all deities,
That She who hath remained a myth,

I looked around
And found She,
As a part of me,
Already written
On the twilight sky,
A poetry.


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