Conversation, no.13,

-wish to live in you for years,
Will erect a single storied house, right there, to start with,
Hey! Why are you laughing?

-single storied house? I just can't it take!
If we can't have a talk
With the moon
From morn till night,
Then what is the use of having a tiny house, with no height?

-okay, done!
Our house will touch the moon,
And there will be a staircase rising to catch her silvery tune,
Going round and round,
With wonderous scenes framed and hanging at every turn,
And there will be trophies too,
Of deer with horns too good to be true! Intact!
How is that?

- no, that is quite horrible!
In our house, there will be a forest, like a fable,
Around our bed, there will be hills,
And a rippling brook,
Running down,

-okay! done!
That brook will have a carpet,over it,
for us to have a seat,
And the ceiling will have Rajasthani motif,
And the windows
Will have cloud full of grandeur,
With designs ornamental,
Straight from Lucknow!
Hey!! Why are you laughing?

- why should the cloud wear the same thing?
Some times she would wear a Baluchari,
Or something light,
with small prints,
And there would be a diamond studded butterfly
Upon her bun,

-okay! done!
The cloud will wear all those, grand,
And then there will be a shehnai,
And beatings wild
Of drums!

- no! It appears too wild!
Tell me another story,
A bit mild...

(Note: it is a transliteration of a poem titled 'kothopokothon tero', by Purnendu Patri, from his book of poems and artwork, 'Kothopokothon', vol.i,)


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