A walk in the clouds,

'A walk in the clouds?
That's what you seriously propose?'
She asked me, one afternoon, amused,
Finding me,
'Yes! Dear!'
I answered with assertion,
Looking at the beautiful sky,
Where some birds I caught in flight
Happy rolling and moving on,
With the sun painting them like a song
Of a winter golden and warm,

'Okay! What am I supposed to do
To take with you
That walk?'
She asked, curious,

'Close your eyes, just
And feel the warmth of the setting sun
On your face, skin,
Feel the light screen
Dressing you,
And whisper anything with a meaning'
I told her,
Looking at her
Obeying my words,
Her face west wards,
Her skin lighted by the beam,
Her hair getting brownish tinge,

'What am I to say?'
She asked,
Her face in twilight glory basked,

'Just anything...'

'Like what?'

'Like... a song, a few lines,
A prayer, a rhyme...'

'I know not any such thing...'

' nay, you are not the truth saying...'

' I donno...'

'Okay, then let me you show...'

Saying this
I closed my eyes,
Standing beside her,
Getting the halo,

'This world is wonderous,
And so is our birth...'
I muttered, almost unheard,

And I her heard,
Repeating the truth,

I felt her words spreading into the air,
Warm, side by side, like a parallel,
Of my utterance,

Like a wave, sent through
To travel a few million years,

She must have felt the same,
For I heard her breaking into rhymes,
I heard her calling my name,
In so many different ways,

And we walked
In the clouds,
No doubt,


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