If I canst,

If I canst sing thee,
O morn, what is the meaning of poetry?
If I canst dissolve my self
To praise dew laden heart thine,
What is the meaning of praying for intervention divine?
If I canst take
A path towards purgatory,
What is meaning of singing life's stories?
If I canst get merged
With the pictures and images that thou cause as surge,
What is the meaning of my search?

If I canst take thy name,
If I canst learn to live with windows of mind opened,
What can I sing or write?
What can help me to meet thy delight?
What can inspire me to live bemused?
What can take me to Your Day Break, Your Deluge?

So take my words
As freewill offering of my heart,
At feet thine,
O the poetic morn,
O the everflowing light.


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