I sing aloud thee,

I sing aloud thee,
Chilled by the morning's golden sea,
I sing aloud thee,
Of thy love
That fell on me
As mercy thine,
A waking up,
A morn,
With such beauteous skyline,

I sing aloud thee,
Drinking morn's mist and fog
Of a winter warm and sublime,
For thou hast been my morning,
For thou hast been my life's singing,
For thou hast been my birth,
For thou hast been my poems waking up
With a passion of prayer, a wish and dream,
For thou hast been my all encompassing love,

I sing aloud thee,
With songs filling me,
For thou hast given rise in me a morn,
For thou hast kept me born,
For glory I see in thine lucid eyes,
For thou hast shown me the wonder of the sky,
For thou hast made me to conceive,
The beauty of a life with amazement and joys to live.


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