From clouds to flowers,

'Have you seen those clouds
Up there?
Like a orangy lair?
Have you seen them?'
I asked my dame,
And she looked up,
Her lids of eyes opening,
To the beauty that Mother Nature for us brings,

She asked,
'Up there,
The south eastern side
Aren't they a lovely sight?'
I asked her,
As usual,
My ritual of watching the sky,

She placed on my lap
A bunch of flowers,
Nameless, a bunch a bit golden white,

'Are not they good, alright?'
She me asked,
Her face by the setting sun masked,

Who will them deny-
The beauty they deify?'
I made a reply,

'Now drop your eyes from the sky,
Look at those flowers...
They are but my dreams dyed...'
She answered,
My dame,
And this time,
I just found no reply,
I just smiled.


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