Unto thee,

Unto thee,
I have given me,
And the outcome
Has been awesome,
Once given,
Have not I reached Heaven?
Have not I witnessed
The season of colors
That springeth
Like a shower
Full of gaiety?

Unto thee
Once given,
Life becomes me,
And all forms and shapes
Of the world come together
To make this microcosm a worthy place,

Unto thee
I have given me,
Who hath provideth the sea
Of astonishment,
Unto thee,
Have not I given me?
Knowing there has been
No other plausible way
To hold the glory of a sunny day,
Knowing there is no other cause
To live life till its clock will pause,

And there will be
Another journey
To make,
To another time or place,
Another birth
There will emerge,
Another life will then beckon me,
Unto thee,
Like poetry
Of colors,


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