With her, in the woods

Met her once treading along the path
Through the woods, near that bridge,
She told me she had gone down that path
Long ago reaching the that land of wonders,
Trees where told her stories of kings and queens
And horsemen who had gone there hunting,

The woods was lovely sunlit, scented leaves
There left traces of spring in the breeze,
Following her cues, tried to find those birds
Who chirped haply the birth of the morn,
Under our feet dry leaves made crumpling noise,
The day seemed with Poetry so poised,
Asked her what did she there find,
She looked at me and charmed me by her eyes,
They held tales old and also new,
They held little droplets of dew,
Accumulated on her soft eyelids,

"What not did I get here?"
She said whispering through the air,
"I saw how flowers with love bloom,
I saw how petals opened to fill Heart's room
With more of kindness that the Divine for all spread,
Here I days of dreams with paints bred,
Saw and felt the green earth's serene presence,
Got thrilled by the tranquil blessedness,
Found all that I wished to discover and unravel,
Through the woods I to lands of unknown did travel,
In the stream saw school of colored fish playing,
Savoured pleasant solitude in stream of water murmuring
Life as it flows by you and me,
Found there songs hidden in towering trees,
Reaching up as if to touch the beautiful sky,
There with poetic fervour how oft I did lie"
She told me all these as if she spun a magical weave,
Right there near that bridge in the woods that ran deep,

I heard her words, looked at her lovely blessed Face,
Felt like I found in her nature at her best.


  1. Beautiful lovely picture complementing your words ...



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