Way to heaven

It had been some ten years ago
Got that song , simply oneday, out of a radio,
I was then on the road, surely, traveling,
To a hilly spot, I remember certain as do I feel,
It had been a stupendous morn,
The sun had then out of the thick woods born,
Carrying warmth through the mist laden air,
I was made spellbound by the scene fair,
Then I thought out of the woods
Where time like ancient algae ridden statue stood,
Came floating a flute so enchanting and soft,
Must have reached near heaven I thought,
The greenery with their mossy layer wrapped
The music perhaps that got my attention rapt,
And I just tried to get taken away by the Beauty so
Which took me to the hills and their wonderous show,
I heard the murmur of a brook too,
Cool crystal clear water as came to my view,
The rippling sound got interfused with the flute,
I thought I was made to just there stay put,
I dropped off the car and stood quiet,
Slowing getting drenched by misty light,
And the flute , it was weaving a calming day,
I just stood there losing all words that people usually say,
I just stood there and heard and felt
How the dews and fog and mist before me melt
And planted their marks of water on leaves,
How there , I felt within the way to heaven, deep.


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