The mist covered mountains *

Come ye , O you wanderer, with me,
Let's go to that far away place,
Across thousand miles of land and sea,
To the mist covered mountains (of home),
You may then turn a Scot,
And sing that song that welcomed once
You to that land of beauty and Grace,
Come ye, O you wanderer, with me,
There we with music try to trace,
How nature fills hearts with wonders of joy,

Come ye, O you wanderer boy,
Let's sing that Mark Knopfler song,
The mist covered mountains (of home)
For which we always long,
For those slopes green and cliffs,
For those caverns dark and deep,
For those ledges where we could sit
And dangle our happy restless feet,

Come ye, to that mountains of mist
Of home, where smell of wildflowers us greet.

(*Note: inspired by a Scottish song written in 1856, titled 'chi mi na morbheanna' which had been rendered into English by many, including Mark Knopfler)


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