Upon a Renoir (as found in a museum)

Walking down the aisle of the museum
When we came to that hall, where Monet mingled with Renoir, and other greats,
We stood for a while by those paintings set,

A Renoir there was with much care kept,
We heard those people there thronging
As they were busy celebrating something,
A holiday, a vacation, a pious occasion,
Perhaps, some sat at tables with paper and potion,
The day they were thus passing through,
Ah, a Renoir could only bring that with details to view,
Cloaks, jackets, hats and bonnets,
All pictured just perfect,
And how could one dare to catch the attention
Of a viewer even when there was nothing really to mention,
No revolt, no grand opening of any fair,
Still how people there (like us) stopped and stared,
At the big grand canvas of life filled with laughter and fun,
How we stood in front of a Renoir, without making a turn
To other things that were there sure in the hall,
We just stood there and watched with Heart's content
That congregation which perhaps had caused a windfall.


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