The pulling of chariot,

It would have been no less than a spectacle
To watch and to be amazed,
Thousands thronged at the road
Children, youth, women, old,
Pious and the plebian all together,

The chariot they tugged amidst great fanfare,
Chants of offerings heard occasional
Made the road of the town a moving sea
Of Teeming Millions ,

Those who didn't want to get into the mêlée
And yet wished to savour the fest,
From windows and balconies they found
The jest of people pulling together
The chariot, a grand sculpture
On wheels inching slow,

Smell of jalebis filled the air,
Already turned sacred
By cries and shouts and prayers,

Nearby a fair had grown overnight
On the road right  there,
Little stalls makeshift sold
Toys , bangles, flutes, drums,

The pulling of the chariot
Unabated, unhindered, a joyous spurt,

Wheels there moved through dust and dirt.


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