To that night sky

Once under the sky of a night
Filled with the glorious sight
Of stars, moon and Celestial things
We sat benumbed quiet,

The castle old near placed on a mound
Looked like a witness by history bound,
And the occasional hooting of an owl
Made the only perceptible sound
Amidst the sea of silence,

How we then under that sky traced
Our Love, we sat quiet when as if blessed
By the night sky falling upon us
And time as in slumberous pace passed,

You perhaps ran your fingers on the soil
I perhaps talked of the toils
That lovers oft go through
Pains of Love I showed thence to you,

You saw those marks on my moonlit face,
Perhaps you saw my throbbing heart too,
And then you upon my hand yours placed,
We thus remained clung for hours who knows how long,

O how we to that night sky once belonged!


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