Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Missing you,

Nowadays, when I get to sit quiet
And think over about us, our lovely times,
Your face appears in my mind,
And I feel that I miss you,

How do I miss you?
Like the way the clouds miss the sky,
Or the birds miss their songs,
Or the kite misses the breeze,

I miss you
For I miss my fancy
Which you have always in me evoked,
I miss my imagined land
Where you have taken me so many times,

O how do I miss you,
Your smiles, your little things
Like your words quipped spontaneous,
Your eyes which hold the oceans,
The scent of love which you carry in your palms,

O how do I miss them oft,
Your winged thoughts
How come to me
Only to increase that missing
Which stays like an inexpressible thing
In my heart,

O how oft I miss you,
When I hear someone talking about
A visit to the River,
Or to that pleasant place where trees whisper prayers of Peace
Being so caressed by the breeze,

O how oft I miss you
When I get to watch the sun rise on hills
Or a dusk settling in along a Bay,

O how I miss you
When I think of a song
Of yesteryears, from a flick,
Perhaps, depicting an empty street
In the sleepy quietitude of a moonlit night,

How I miss you.

(*Note : the painting attached was done by G.Seurat, titled 'on the island of La grande latte')

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