Valentinus, Julia and the almond tree

Said Valentinus,
'How can I forego what the Lord hath me asked?
How can I worship by your dictates?
How can I forget His psalms and bless?'
Hearing this the Roman King
Asked his men to before him bring
That obstinate kind hearted man
'You would be sent to gallows!'
Threatened Claudius, munching marshmallows,
And so Valentinus took his berth
In the dingy cell the darkest on earth
And there one day by some providence turned
Came Julia who wanted to learn
How the world was created, and what is man
What is the essence of being in a sacred land,
Who made the universe to follow its patterns
Which rule governs the light to turn,
Why are we here and what is life?
Why there is happiness and also strife?'
Valentinus hearing all these queries
Told Julia to find the field of berries
Within her and nowhere else
And then it is said, she got the trace
Of how light could even happen in the dark
Of how could within one , one find a spark
Of something so holy so full of peace
That Julia cried and the prison's soil she kissed,
Many years after Valentinus went to space
a pink blossomed almond tree Juila did place
At the gate of the cell with all her Love,
And it is said there grew a nest of doves.


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