Stone age to ...

'Why there's so much of noise outside?'
Parvati asked her husband.
'Nothing...just some people throwing stones...'

Throwing stones at each other had become a daily ritual of sorts nowadays in the part of the locality where they live.

Now why the people throw stones at each other is often not understood by Parvati.
If she would ask her husband, who loves largely to have tea and to read, there would never be any answer forthcoming.

Even a few years ago, it was not so.
Nowadays it had become too frequent.

'Is it some kind of a game?'
Parvati would ask.
'Yes, it is like going back to the stone age...'
Once her husband said, reading as he was a story of Ruskin Bond.

'That's good or bad?'
Parvati asked, as she would usually do, taking opinions from her husband first then thinking out of her own.

Her husband replied.

'Why so?'

Parvati was quite bamboozled.

'For the evolution started right from there...the stone age...then there will be the other stages...'
He answered curtly and then started reading out the Ruskin Bond story on an importance of a tree.


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