Sonali's peepul tree

Sonali stopped the car just where that peepul tree stood. The morning had that happy breeze flowing through the meadows in which the tree stood like a statue. Sonali got down from the car. She had driven some forty five kilometres to reach that spot. She thought it was the only thing she could do for Arko.
The breeze made its way through her hair. The horizon now being lit by the glow of the sun, looked like a painting, crimson yellow. Sonali knew Arko would never return running through the meadows as he used to do.

Being at the outskirts of the city, from here, Sonali could see the towering things reaching out to the vast sky, like bar code blocks. Sonali looked at the Peepul tree. It had grown taller and a bit thicker. As she stood near the tree, she felt its lucid presence. She felt how it had remained as the lone witness to her rendezvous.
She thought she would never miss Arko.

The Peepul tree would not let her miss him.


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