All about gardening

'Hain re, saradini je ghurey barachchis? Parashuna kokhon hobey shuni?'(o my heart's joy, loitering all day long, when will you come and study?)
Ankita would ask her daughter.
Finding her playing with mud and water in the garden.
It was an afternoon of beautiful spring.
The trees have turned into flowering proclamation of love and gratitude to the goddess of spring. Ranjit had gone out for a tour. He would be back not before tomorrow.
After doing all the works at home, Ankita felt so tired, that she dozed off white watching a movie.
A beautiful day of spring.
A comparatively noiseless afternoon.
A beauty sleep.

Only at around four she woke up abruptly.
'Kajori, where are you? Kajori?'
She got frightened not seeing her daughter beside her.
When she was watching the movie, Kajori, her daughter was just beside her. Lying upside down, reading a story book.

'I'm in the garden!'
Ankita had heard her.
She almost rushed outside.
Her heart was throbbing to the fullest.

And there she her found.
Her pink cotton frock, her red tunic, all full of mud.
'What are you doing?'
She asked her.
'Planting a tree...'
Was the answer.
Ankita found Kajori had gathered a twig from somewhere.
She was pushing it into the ground.
Ankita went near her daughter.
'Will it grow mama?'
She asked, looking up to her.

Ankita drooped to see the twig.
A creeper of sorts, with tiny white tubular roots coming out.
'Where from you got it?'

'The other day, while cleaning the garden, uncle by mistake, took it out...and I thought it could turn into life, for I have seen on Natgeo Wild, how creepers like these can grow once again if planted...'

Ankita was pretty much surprised.
'Yes, you have seen it right. Only these type of herbs grow from branches...their roots come out once they come in contact with mother earth...they are made that way by God...'

Saying this Ankita brought from the shed, the water sprinkler.
'Now sprinkle water at its will definitely grow...but you will have to put a little twig or stick just beside it, as a primary support...later on you can remove it...'
Ankita told Kajori.
Kajori nodded and got busy with her works.
Ankita stood there supervising her daughter's effort of planting a sapling all by herself and she thought her daughter might become a teacher.
She also thought there was no need to press her daughter more to read by confining her only to the study room.


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