Animesh, Arunima and the Birdman

'Wake up Animesh! There's no way we can keep us confined up here...even if it is our sojourn...our holidaying...'
Arunima pushed and pulled Animesh out of bed.
Knowing Arunima, Animesh woke up.
There must be something interesting for him to note down. Otherwise...
Arunima took Animesh to the window.
Piercing the cloudy scape there the dawn was just making a promise to the hills.
A promise of the unlimited glory of being a dawn.

Animesh started looking around.
'Can't you see?'
Arunima asked her hubby.
'Hey poet, too much of bacon has made you prosaic...I am going to bring your cup of, meanwhile find what I meant...'
Arunima made a pinch on his cheek and went away.
That's like Arunima.
Always giving Animesh resources to work on, to pour his heart out, to ponder, to embellish.
Animesh stood there.
The cool breeze was slowly making its way to his heart.
He could feel that.
Scent of flowers came in.
Animesh realised.

Then down the street, cars were getting prepared for the long haul of the day.
They were being washed and wiped.
'Good morning!'
Animesh turned around.
Arunima came in.
Followed by Jimpa.
'Good morning uncle!'
Jimpa flashed a smile.
'Hey don't call me uncle...'
Animesh showed mock anger.
Jimpa started laughing.
'Tea for you two...'
Jimpa went away.
'Lovely girl, this Jimpa...wish could take her home...'
Arunima said, looking at Jimpa's going away.
Her two little braids hanging and swinging.
'These people are all lovely...wish to take the whole town home...'
Animesh said.
Arunima laughed.
'Found not yet? What I meant?'

'Kanchan flowers are there, and the cars, the hills, the forest, and the sky and the sun as usual...but...'

Animesh tried to fathom.
''re losing out to me...see there...'
Arunima drew Animesh's attention to the  roadside bench below.


A man was feeding pigeons throwing grains. The pigeons were hopping, flying about the man.
Some of them even sat on his head and shoulders.

He just stood there.
'Your tea is getting cold...'
Arunima reminded.
Animesh could see himself standing there.


You can do it.
You're a birdman'

Arunima muttered, knitting Animesh into her embrace.

Animesh thought Arunima had given him once again a candle. A candle in the cool breeze.

To burn.

To light.

A beautiful candle.

Lighting up his face, his soul, his heart, his mind, his very essence of being.
And the World, too.

Very much unlike the Birdman,
And very much like him.


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