Rohini's Circle of Life

'We are in a vacation, aren't we?' Asked Rohini, to the sky, which looked back at her with profundity.

'Yes,' the sky answered crying with happiness,

Answered Rohini,

And the mountains echoed,
With their primordial innocence,
With their incorruptible silence,
With their ascetic stillness,

And Rohini felt the subtle music of the opening of petals,
Of leaves being carried by the cool cool breeze,
Of songs of toy train with children waving flags,
Of deodars and pines and rhododendrons turning green,

'We are all the offsprings of the Omniscient,
Only having a sojourn to this place,
A perfect vacation'

The Sherpa who was sitting on a cliff,
said that, not looking at Rohini,
But looking at the mountains,

'We worship them...
Those mountains
For they speak not
But they are
the Truth of the Beauty'

The man with frostbites on his wrinkled face
Which had the knowing of the terrain
Beautifully engraved upon,
By the sun, the wind and the ice,

Rohini knew she had found
What she searched for,

Poetry of the silence
And its agelessness,

Its Circle of Life.

Rohini started singing
Loving her life,
And loving her very being,
And the being of the Uni~verse,
Embedded into her
By the Beauty
Of her Birth,

An Elton John.


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