The king and acts of sedition

Once there lived a king.
A king of a kind.
He loved his parrots very much.
Every day when the king would start his court, giving away one after another his judgments, his courtiers clapped.
They nodded their heads.

In that kingdom there was a school too.
The king one day ordered his men and women(he luckily had few women courtiers too!) to go to the school and ask the children to sing bhajanas.
Now prior to the arrival of the king's men and women the school had a curious syllabi and curricula.
There the children were taught music, painting, English, Sanskrit, Arabic, french, German and even Spanish. There they were also taught mountaineering and riding horses.
God knows how experts with purely philanthropic bent of mind would arrive there and stay there and teach the children different disciplines of learning.
The children were really very happy.
But it posed a problem too.
For the king.
He thought of sending people with expertise in nationalistic jingoism.

But those children, being brought and groomed in multidisciplinary works, couldn't understand what that nationalism is.
They thought the rivers of their land were part of their nation and mountains too.
And those people who worked for them, bringing in foods for them or taking care of their works or helping their teachers were people of their nation.
Even those foreigners who with purely philanthropic bent of mind came there to teach them, those school children thought them to be part of the nation too.
Those children had also learnt that asuras and devis or devs were all humans.

So when those people sent by the king arrived at the gate of the school the children protested.
They were then taken to prison on act of sedition.

Some of the teachers who were also great nation lovers, then asked the king what actually sedition meant.
The king fumbled.
He looked at his men and women.
They fumbled too.

Some even told the king that Act of sedition was severely castigated by the king's forefathers, who were great kingdom lovers and nation lovers too!

But the king thought he had done it right!
After all a king is always a king.
And nothing can stop him from being that.
Kingdom or nation.


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