Manasi's Ravi

'Is it possible? Can it really happen?'
Manasi thought looking at the screen of her computer.
Just she got a mail from that highly acclaimed designer Ravi Kishore!
She was only thinking of some designs and putting them one by one into her website.
Then suddenly she heard a ping.

She thought she was watching a remake of a popular flick from Hollywood, starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.
But it was more intense!

In that flick there was a lot of acrimony with regard to business between the two main characters.
But here...

'God! I must be daydreaming in broad daylight!'

Manasi reread the mail.
Ravi Kishore had written how much he could find similarities between her ideas and his and how much he could connect with her ideas.
He had also written a few words about his family. The birth of his second daughter. How he and his wife were kept on tenterhooks by the newborn's demands of constant attention.
He wrote he got so much busy with his family and the children that he could not scrape time for to look at Manasi's webpage.

Reading the mail, Manasi got into a shock almost.
She couldn't believe what she was reading.
She checked the mail address.
Yes, it was the official one.

'How come someone send a mail through his official mail address? What kind of a man he is? Contemplative? Magnanimous? Overtly generous?'

She replied a mail.
A very short mail.
She wrote.

After that, she just started doing her work.
She would have to make the pencil drawing on the cloth.
The stencils were to be cut.
Drawings were to be made on the paper.

Her son and husband were watching a movie downstairs. Soon they would ask for supper.

She thought of going downstairs then and there and breaking the news to them.
They might be excited too!
Ravi Kishore!

Then while rummaging Ravi Kishore's website, she found a saying written in bold fonts.

'The Truth is eternal. Our happiness and sadness are transient'

Manasi actually wrote and printed some tees for a youth programme last week with the writing on the back:
'Impermanence is life, permanence is eternal'

She thought she had coined that idea.
Now Ravi Kishore also saying that!

She started pondering.

She thought she should concentrate on her works even more. She thought that Ravi Kishore might have sent that as part of his subscription mails. After all such a big designer he is!

She thought she should love her friends and family and her surroundings even more.
She thought she should give away, if possible, some of her unutilized old clothes and garments to those who had no ways or means to buy new ones.

Just then her husband and son came to her.

'The news is we have decided to make a supper for you and us... You work...
This is our weekend gift to you...'
Her husband and son said in unison, almost.

Manasi felt little drops of salty water at the corner of her eyes.


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