Just think, we are celestial beings...

Just think,
I have by some providence,
Become a season,
Without any reason,
Just imagine,
I have become a rhyme of a season,
A whiff of soft cool air,
A flavour,
A coffee stream,
Your waking up, this morn,
Drunk, sipping a dream,

Just think,
I am you,
Your invisible Self,
Where you keep your best poems,
From your mortal eyes even,
Just imagine,
I am your festive a season,

Just be a bird,
Just be a winged creature,
Or a motorcyclist,
A being running through the sweetest savoury mist,
Just open
Your ears,
Which hath just by some dreamy paint,
Got the tune perfect
Of the softest
The Heavenly Lyre,
Just think
Heavens hath come down on you,
And on me too,
And there is no cares,
No worries to share,
Just imagine,
We are celestial beings...
Leading just
A mortal life,
Yet so immortalised
By poems,
By dreams,
By journeys,
By writes


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