Let me weave Paradiso

Let me be a different Salvatore,
A man reaching out for alphabets where stream like pour,
As destiny,
Let me find guineas
Falling incessant like drops of rain sparkling,
Let me there sit quiet,
Only to sing-
Heartful a song,
Let me live all days and nights long-
Which hold life so tiny,
Let me be decked by Your Sublime shiny,
Let me hold out my palm,
Let me catch the awesome,
The benign lighted sight,
The kindred winged soulful a flight,

Let me,
All spaces left,
With colors that only a festive season can drape,
Colors as good as glassy bangles,
Colors as bright as seen in an ensemble,
Colors that with water getting mixed evoke a canvas,
Colors that brushes illume on an exotic papyrus,

Let me
Remain as a bucket of colors,
Let me remain as eyes luminous...
Let me weave
A Paradiso.


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