Walked on stones, walked on pebbles, upon which stream flew

'Walked on stones,
Walked on pebbles,
Upon which stream clear flew,'
Memories of those drew
Me to stand up
To the queue,

A morning
When stood up by me
By calls of friends,
A day when stood up
As a togetherness of family,
The kid's eyes with dreams of a picture,
Darling's eyes holding flowers,
And a mild shower

'Walked on pebbles,
Walked on stones,
Upon which stream clear flew'
That feeling came home
With mirthful existence,
And trees by moisture getting drenched,
And a meandering flow,
All participated
Into life,
A single day not turned a waste,

'Walked on pebbles
Walked on stones,'
Memories of youthful occasion
Sublimate into a lovely evening,
A feeling of being together,
A getting together.


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