Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Love Is such a Paradise!

Love is such a wonderful thing,
The poets there for love always sing,
And those writers, on their desk, biting their pens,
They write love too,
And those singers
From early ages till date
They had been doing the same thing I guess,
They all strum and pluck,
Their strings of copper, so love struck...
And few good old men made movies on roses, marigolds, jasmines,
tuberoses, dalia dreams...
And those children when they smile,
They spray their lovely innocence, mile after mile,
And some philosophers pray and worship
Love in terms of several libraries gigantic,
With long book shelves, ladders fitted with clumps,
Love, it seems,all nourish,
in  their own happy triumphs;

Still by misfortune, this poor world cries,
And people without foods die,
And mendicants on pavements lie,
And still,
Quite fortunately,
In its blessed ways,
Love still unfolds in its glorious lines,
Love is such a Paradise,
For love is such a Holy Shine.

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