'Let us go out then, you and I'

'Let us go out then, you and I...'
She told me, almost reciting,
A love song, so known, so familiar,
Reminding me my university days almost,
Young when evenings spread out against the sky,
Then also the winter had yellow fog,
Bracing window panes,
Bearing different connotation,
For us,
And how many years since then we traversed,
How many years of walking the lanes,
We had since then made,

'Had we not traveled? You and I?'
I asked her back,
'From those days till date?
Have you ever wondered how we have made a life?
From J. Alfred Prufrock, to the present time,
How long and far had we walked?'

She looked at me,
She read poetry
In my words,
The evening sky which moved sluggishly forward,
She noted that movement too,
And probably felt on my skin the falling dew,

'A different love song now sing for me,'
She demanded childishly,

I opened a book of verses,
A random page I took
In my hands,
And starting singing,

She joined me soon,
And the evening moved


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