'City' / 'Shahar'

Heart, you have seen big cities smart,
And all those citizens' accounts,
Their bricks and mortars,
And endless talks ,hurrried steps,
Hopes, despairs
- perilous,
They had burnt them down in my own agonies,
But still at the fringe of those huge burning orange clouds I have seen
The birth of Sun;
Have seen Him at the port,
How He carried burdens, loads,
Like a love seeped farmer,through the saffronic clouds;
Have seen those stars sparkling too,
Beyond the glare of gaslights and towering heights,
Seen those stars towards
the southern sea taking a flight,

Like wild ducks.

( Note: it is a transliteration of a poem called 'Shahar', by Jibanananda Das. The picture attached is of  the original bengali poem, written by J.Das, taken from his book of poems)


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