Never kept anything not given, life,

Never kept anything not given, life,
Think, how gave away
A book of Dennis Brutus,
Only to You,
Within a fraction of a second,
A red clothed rose,
A lamp that withstood storms that arose,
And ambers of cognac,
And things lyrical,
Non lyrical too,
The moon lit sky bearing a distinct opened view,
Lampposts shining over streets to be trodden,
Songs of Cliff Richard, unbroken,
And pastel twilights,
Never kept anything not given You, life,
A wink of an eye,
A blasted high,
A philosophic trance,
A footapping, a waltz, 

rhythmic dance,

A winter of romance,

Musical bandbox warm,

A photographic morn,

A pen that kindled flame like words,

Kept nothing not given, life.


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