Finding Rajarshi,

'Recognise him?'
Sudesh from his wallet
Handed out a picture,
'Goodness me!'
Uttered I,
Could not unfix , my eyes,
'Rajarshi? Is he not?
Where have you found him mate?'
Asked I Sudesh straight,
curious, shocked,
To see that bloke in the picture,
Smiling as he seemed,
His hair all trimmed,
His moustache no longer boyish,
But grown thick and black,
And his eyes,
Sharp, slang like,

'Found him two years back,
At a station where I went to tread a beaten track...'
Sudesh informed,
Clouds in his eyes,

'Surprise, surprise...
Such a boy
Was he, remember?'
Asked me,
Sudesh nodded,
'Who could ever him forget?
His pranks, his mimicry,
His long trunks with logo of navy...'

'And his jokes,
Sickeningly bright,
His horrid faces,
His cat calls in the middle of the night...'

So we talked,
So we talked,
Finding Rajarshi.


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