My love walks in beauty,

My love,
Walks in beauty,
And if you her see,
You will find my claim
Is not an imitation
Of a poem,
For you will see in her
The unlimited happiness of a dusk,
And golden hue too
Falling from her hair,
And her face,
Holding the lamp of my soul,
If you her see,
You will definitely agree,
My love,
She walks in beauty,
Her feet stepping rhythmic
On the ground,
And the cloudless sky
Covering her head
With a veil, a poetic essence,
And her eyes,
They are sublime,
Holding stars of my imagination,
My love,
She walks in me like a flowing motion,
Only to drive me more,
To write a few lines,
To do an encore
Of a music,
My love, she walks in beauty,
And if perchance,
You her see,
You will definitely agree
To my words,
My triumphs,
My fantastic views,
And also it may be the case,
You will find Beauty everywhere,
Once you feel Her Godly verve, Her songy choir,

For my love
Walks in beauty,
And it is a real pity,
There is no Byron around,
To sketch her deep, wide and profound,
To recast what He probably had found
Two hundred years back,

There is only me,
And a wonderous lighted sky,
And an array of dreams always from my pen's nib
Willing to away fly,

And there is
My love,
Walking in
Like a beauty,
Never ending.


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