Once upon a time, in a wonderland,

Once upon a time,
In a wonderland,
I met Alice,
And She told me,
Life is just a minute,
A pulse,
A flowing motion just,
And also by falconic dream
She in me implanted a scene,
Of humming bees,
Unlimited sky,
Deep blue seas,
And butterflies,
Seahorses too,
The sparkle of dew,
The honeycups,
The ageold moss,
The music of blooming petals,
The Holy Trail,
The white lotus,
The mount of Helicon,Olympus,
The Divine Bell,
The road to freedom,
The jump of joy,
The green grassy cover,
The four leaves of clover,

Once in a wonderland
I met Alice,
And She by Her Potent dreams
Made me pregnant,
Since then,
I have become
Anthology of dreams.


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