The One...

Have you noticed the calm in the air?
The calm as felt by those long trees
Waving their happy leaves in the mild breeze?
And as expressed by those pink petals of those flowers
Waking up from dream?
And the happy-going-stopping-trembling feel
Of those clouds floating shifting eternal?

Have you made a scan of His retina
So Mariana trench...
But not suffocating?
A deep where mind only gets free?
A coolness that only breeds Peace?

Have you ever noticed your sleeping child?
Under the sky...sleeping quiet?
As if that sleep is his or her proper attitude...
Have you raised the curtain of doubts
And just by any chance peeped?
Into that child's white mind?
Into those dreams of white colts and doves?
Into that pampering Love-
Which no beauty soap could one provide...
Have you ever experienced confusions and malice forever died?
And how they perfectly get replaced
Only by an overwhelming gratitude
And binding and auspicious sense of Faith...
Which nothing can topple...
No accident can make them turn turtle?
Have you ever felt being kissed by the One?
The One...


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