Kobi guru ke...[to Rabindranath Tagore...kabiguru]

Tomar jonnyo prabhu
Hariyechi koto kichu
Kintu taro beshi anek
Peyechi khujey...
Tomar jonnyo ak shiter sokal
Golap rongin din likechi shudu.. Tomar jonnyo prabhu
Du haat bariye sthir
Jhorer raatey kono ak paharer chadey
Takey dekhechilam bhishon borjopatey...
Tomar jonnyo notojanu Hoye
sokal ashey ajo amabosshar raatey... Tomar jonnyo ajo achi bechey Jodio bela gelo hoye shesh
Dupur goriye elo raat...
Tomar jonnyo prabhu
Bariyechi tao duhaat...

[note:- the scribble written in bengali...my mother language using english alphabets might appear too unknown for my friends here...specially those who have no idea of bengali...and that too written in english alphabets!
For them, here is a transliteration of the same by me.It is a tribute to our bard...the greatest one...the eternal...Rabindranath Tagore.
Hope it will help, though partially...]

For you lord
Lost a lot
And for you still
Got back all...

For you one wintry morn
Wrote for the day only a rose laden song...

For you standing like a statue
In one stormy night
Upon a cliff top
Saw her by severe lightning crashed...

For you the morn still comes
In the midst of moonless night...

For you i am still alive
Though the day has passed
And the noon had turned night...

Still for you
Stretched two hands mine...


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