underwater... the last ditch...

'I am sorry'
she tried to speak without air
breathing out...
but under water
her red skirt with knot tied behind her back
moved like a curtain...
and she sank...
further into the abyss
so turquoise blue
and Ethan
who knew he was looking into the eyes
of the woman who lied
to him to get the chunk of dough
took a short and swift dive
to her...
'I am sorry'
these words of Claire
Moved through the waves
and Ethan still braved
his asphyxiation
paddling his thigh muscles
to cause the rapid motion...

He knew
time was passing cruelly fast
and only for few moments
his lungs could survive the blast
he had memories true
Some faces are forever pasted without glue
on mind's deepest secured shelf...
Ethan into the abyss delved...
and thought he got
Claire in his arms wrought
a weightless soft red flowing thing...
He looked up through the bluish water green
and saw the afternoon gleam
through the watery stream...
his lungs and heart throbbed with might
He pulled the red flower upward
one arm clutching hold of Claire
whom he could not just leave there buried...


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