Today is a day for a tour to the hills...

Today is a day
For a tour to the hills
A long tiring and a perspiring trek
Walking up the hillock,boulders, rock
And a momentary stop by the blue blue lake
Reflecting the raman rays of the sky...
Prism like defraction of the light...

Today is the day
Methinks ,of nothing to be said
Only for a walk up the hill
Long,tiring and perspiring...
And a song to hum all the way...
Of the sunshine kind
In which mortals often ambrosia find...
A song to sing aloud perhaps
Reverberating across the wide green lap
Of a valley in which the poetic sage once discovered
A reaper girl simply clad
In her skirt and a cloth tied
Over her head and deep dimple smiled
And a scythe in her hand by which
She gathered crops golden rich...

Today is such a day to fly
To unknown lands with alien feel
Where flowers never seen
Wake up after a good night's sleep
Yawning at the monumental presence
Of hilltops still camouflaged by mist dense
As if they were guardians of the soul...
Today is a day for nothing to be said or told
But to feel everything on the skin
Today is a day to lose way in the unheard and unseen...


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