rosary beads...

leaving them stranded
a heavy snowfall shape
whiteness on their coats and hats
reddened tips of nose and flushed cheeks
he started walking towards the exit...
but the rosary beads
he fumbled the chain out
of his pocket
trembling hands
his thumb rolling over
the beads one two three
triple trinity
and overcome by grief
his face took a grimacing look
he did not look back
knowing he had nothing to do
other than praying
for them the bravest and the just
legal provisions have been obeyed must...
he started walking
his heart being burned by silent parsimony
of his poor state...
he counted rosary beads...

the snow must have been heavy
the distant treelines looked like an opening shot of a movie...
and the musical accompaniment
must have been there...
a tune alien to eastern ears...

he walked away...
slowly with tears in his eyes
but the rosary beads
round wooden seeds
they surely sent him some comfort
and with choked throat
he just walked away...

the last shot
concentrated only on the beads
hanging tossing in the cold wind
focus was on the round balls
and whiteness at the backdrop
the heaviest snowfall...
proved to be a perfect setting
for the last shot of the last scene...

the rosary beads
hanging and tossing in the cold breeze...


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