Reiki trance...

Sitting on the floor
Opening the door
Of his heart
The man felt the breeze
On the cliff
The rustling leaves
The cooing cuckoos
Eyes unopened
He chose
The reiki trance...

Felt sure the pulse
Of the valley down
People waking up
Fields unsown
And the flowers yawning too...
The herds of cattle taken to the fields
The stream flowing beneath the flourmill...
Wheels moving making screeching noise...
He took the reiki poise...
Eyes shut but opened mind
The valley submerged in music of a kind
Came to him like a sense ethereal...

Sitting on the stony floor
Cold a pleasure on his nerves
He envisioned the path how curved and swerved...
From little huts to the highway wide
He thought he had taken the ride
To farther away...
From the settlement to the non distinct
From the real to the abstract it seemed...
From the sensual perceptions to the nonsensual ones
He felt he saw the whitest swan
Floating gently on a vast blue lake
Reiki trance him to a beatified state did take...


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