Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pursuit of happiness...not a film...

Pursuit of happiness
Once caused one God
To write a whole new world,
And another
A philosopher
Did devise
A crash course
For people
Particularly morose,

But who cared anyway?
Continents bathed still
In bloody war...
Those poets
Who were cynically termed
And criticised
As beaten people...
They did protest...
In their most unique ways...
Going red with blood...
If one Allen talked about meeting Whitman
At a supermarket...
Another beat
Became brute
To claim
'Bland billboards
Illustrating imbecile pursuit of happiness...'


Things still never changed!
They would never change
As an unit
Like One...

Not a film
Life is...
Still there are some
Beaten kind...
Philos dressed...
And by Love wrapped...


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