'Please, please,please...'
I continued in an apologetic vein,
'you can't do that to me!'

'Why? what I've done to you?'
She asked, blinking;
'You can't be so sincere and devoted,
You can't be so serious,
You can't be so morbid,
You can't be so much weak...'
I said, still feeling half extinguished
As I wanted to talk more...
To breathe more...

'Do you feel that I weakened you?'
She asked,thoughtfully.
I confessed without any hesitation.

'Let me go then...'
She said, hinging her head down;
'Feeling guilty?'
I asked.
She just smiled.

I could feel her smile
Wrecking me inside,
I thought it was my turn for being guilty...


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