I have been there...

Watching the sky reaching trees
Algae green wrapped,
I discovered
I have been there...
For thousands of years...

Far away, the dots of lights
Piercing the misty loneliness,
Remind me how far
I've traveled-
Leaving behind the four walls,
The soft cushions of desire,
The idiot box screaming ad jingles,
The bill boards featuring bubbles,
Bumper to bumper vehicles standing still
On apparently ignorant city streets...

'Can't I stay back?'
I asked aloud.
My question got echoed
Several times before it got drowned
In the dark calmness of the distant hills;

I shook my head
And started walking down
The path being carried by my unwilling legs,
And I knew
There was salt in my eyes
And stone pressing hard on my bosom...


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