You wanted an answer
That would erase all tugs and pulls
Of a swaying heart...
You wanted an answer, precise, pointed;

A needle like thing, I suppose,
An answer, unequivocal, piercing, straight...

And I groped,
For an answer,
Rummaging the bookshelf of my brain,
Turning inside out the cages of my heart...

But I failed;

Then I thought
what about seeking the answer
somewhere else?
So I took a plunge into my Self,
I stood before the mirror
And scrutinized my face, my nose, my limbs
Till I came to look into my own eyes...

And then,
I realized what a fool I have been
To look for an answer, unequivocal,
For a question that had been
the source of all creation
Down the ages...
Down the time immemorial...


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