A dream for you...

I have been floating on a boat of cloud since last night,
And Methought, the dense, impregnable darkness of the sky
Like the secrets of the knowledge of Time,
Would be revealed to me;

The voice of the Time
Coming to me penetrating the curtain of memories,
Was trembling, spreading all its wings;
With the object of touching it in my dreams,
I sent across my desperate call;
The call of mine went high up to the northern sky,
Till it met its destiny, the Pole Star;
And I tried to invoke the star through the art of magic
Learnt by my lonely heart;
The Pole Star said:
‘The Northern sky is my room,
If I get drifted away,
Who will show the light to the ships?
You go away, and weave songs,
And let those songs come to me by the wings of clouds;’

So, I searched for a speck of white cloud in the sky,
To send my songs to the Star;
But alas! I couldn’t find a bit of cloud, white and pure,
To be my messenger to the Star;
Only the black demonic Nimbus
Came down laughing,
Encircling the periphery of my existence;
Methought, I have no way to unravel the mystery of darkness…

Just then, as if by some providence,
 Removing the rain drenched curtain of the Nimbus
And piercing the bosom of the moist smell,
 Like the deflected truth, the whistle of a train told me-
Leaving behind the riverside life,
 I have almost reached the desert;
And at that particular moment,
An unknown bird, swooping down straight
From the visage of clouds,
Threw to me a heap of sarcasm from her wings
Before she flew away to the meet
The call of the horizon…

And I discovered my all new born poems
 Left grappling for a breathing space
Amidst their prosaic existence,
 Trying to reach out to the Sun,
As if they are trying to know
The history of their origin;

Despite knowing the name of their father,
I just left them afloat on the uncertain waves of my tears,
As I was desperate to save my grace;
And I noticed
The drops of water falling incessantly
From the captive Sun
On weary, dry leaves of my poems,
Left grappling for a space to breathe,
And Methought, they looked blessed…


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