Thursday, July 20, 2017

A journey into the misty woods

When the day was so filled with calm
And when rain had finally  to the hills come,
Asked her to make a journey with me
Into the woods unknown moist and misty,

She haply agreed and nodded her head
To go with me through the road that bred
Half visible wonderous serene sights
Covered by translucent curtain white,

We heard the chirpings of cicadas true,
held on palms nascent drops of dew,
And as we our journey thus made
Through woods by mist so laid-

We thought we found us as if new
Given perhaps another birth long due
We thought we had a tryst with trees
Which held many myths and mysteries,

The songs of hills , the murmur of streams,
Finding God in pantheistic dreams,
All came and descended upon us
Through the woods of mist as we passed.

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