Wish you give us more*

Wish you give us more
Of your words which paint pictures
Of guests arriving crossing the border
And we welcoming them with handmade wheatcakes ,
And taking care of all their pains,
Of chinar leaves falling slowly
Upon the earth moist and sleepy,
Of rivers flowing making sweet murmur
Amidst woods where we can always go ,
Of missing the touch of hands, of our lost friends, forgotten relatives,
Of sunset yellow gradually getting spread
On the sky , a prayer like , orange and red,

Wish you give us more
Of your golden words, lyrically wrought,
So much so that we upon hearing them
Forget how the day goes by
To embrace the evening
And how the evening also slips away
Into the music of intoxicating nights.

(*As a tribute to Gulzar, on his eighty second birthday)


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