Thinking of you

Can't recall exact how many days or months
You have remained far away from me,
By and large, silent,
Like that night beautifully quiet,
But then when the sky becomes dark
And rain come in spells, like bouts of fever,
I think of you,
You , whom have I placed at the altar
And prayed for days and nights,
Whom have I yearned for,
Like yearns the parched land for drops of water,
To quench its insatiable thirst,

I think of you,
Your return to the land of mine,
Making it green, wet and fertile,
Yielding,  to make it grow like acres of vegetation,

I think of you,
Your return to poems and Prose
And paintings and all that make me
Productive ,

Can't recall when the last time
You spread your charms over me,
My breast, my limbs , my body,

But when the breeze carries home
Scent of moist earth,
I think of you,
As my daisy
Blooming wonderous
In my soul


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