Sunday, August 21, 2016

Out of bounds

Out of bounds

That pebbled path leading out of the cottage gate
With sight of hills and a placid lake
Often takes me away to a faraway place,
A morning is perhaps there breaking out,
Away from the bustle of the city,
Where sings the nightingale
Songs of dews that fell
Smooth and almost imperceptible,

I look at the vastness of glory
Of nature weaving a sacred sublime feel of a story,
Of someone after getting lured by the beauty
Sits quiet so visibly enchanted,

I look at the slopes of green
And the rays of the Sun spread through mist,
A poetic journey to the Unseen
Divine presence ,
I try to feel each and every part
Of the day so becoming
A part of imagination ,
Reigning unvanquished, supreme,

And at that very moment,
Like someone being magically charmed,
I go into a flow of a river, a stream,
Of words , coming out spontaneous.

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